Amid Turnover and Criticism, SIPASA Board Remains Optimistic

SIPASA Board celebrates their term in office and prepares for board elections next month.

SIPA Link Job Application-Hire me!

Sample student cover letter that will guarantee to get you hired

Can the current U.S. strategy eliminate the threat posed by ISIL?

A Great Debate on shifts in U.S. foreign policy

Recent News

SIPA Facebook Group Disappoints During Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli-Palestinian conflict creates passionate debates on SIPA Facebook group.

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Registration System Failure Causes Panic Amidst First-Year Students

Technology glitch delays registration for first year students.

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The UN in a Changing World: an Interview with Bruce Jenks

An interview with Bruce Jenks on United Nations reform.

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SIPA Town Hall Revisits Hot Button Issues

At SIPA’s semesterly town hall, students bring up long-standing complaints

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The People’s Climate March – A Photo Essay

Photos from Sunday’s historic People’s Climate March in New York City

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SIPA Welcome Back Party Sparks Controversy

SIPA’s annual welcome back party launches concern among students, including allegations of sexual assault and the objectification of women. SIPASA and Gender Policy Working Group express viewpoints on the evening.

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“Ninety-Nine Years of Genocide” Confronting a Tragic Past

Adolph Hitler reached a similar conclusion, “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?”

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SIPA Student’s Film Wins Worldwide Acclaim

Deepti Kakkar (MIA ’15) screens her award-winning movie about electricity theft in India to students at SIPA

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Columbia Is My Home, Too

Student reflects on role of cultural and racial sensitivity in annual Follies comedy production

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Day at the UN: Marginalization and Inequalities Facing Youth

Panel discusses trends, implications and solutions for Youth Unemployment across the globe

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