NOW I CAN SPEAK-Life of an Armenian Lesbian Comedian

Lesbian Armenian performs at comedy venues across NYC, addressing stigmas against homosexuality and search for self identity

De Blasio’s Vision Zero Trucks Along Despite the Speed Bumps

A student’s reflection on De Blasio’s Vision Zero Plan

Satbir Singh: Fighting for the Right to Information

Interview with human rights activist Satbir Singh.

Recent News

SIPASA Survey Shows 80% of Students Now Use Tinder

Quarterly survey suggests a correlation between student engagement with online/mobile dating apps and increased usage of the SIPA facilities.

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A Photo Essay: Millions March NYC

  By Jane Rebecca Marchant On Saturday, December 13th, over 50,000 people protested the failure of grand juries in Ferguson, MO and Staten Island, NY to indict police officers involved in the recent deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Organized by the Millions March NYC Coalition, protesters gathering at Washington Square Park and proceeded to […]

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SIPA Eats Its Way Through New York

The student group, “SIPA Eats,” brings students together to try new cuisines from around the world served right here in New York City.

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Ebola: The Most Dangerous Disease is Panic

America’s response to rare diseases could use a dose of perspective

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No Time To Waste: SIPA Recycling Levels Low

Students from SIPA’s Environmental Studies Program audit recycling rates at SIPA, find surprisingly low numbers

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A Personal Reflection on New York City Gentrification

The line between perpetrator and victim of gentrification is often blurred for low-income New York City residents, including many graduate students.

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Big Themes, Big Expectations, Hit and Miss at ‘Fireside Chat’

Columbia’s annual graduate student fireside chat with the university president was lack-lustre at best.

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Letters to Fabio

Fabio, a fourth-year MPA student, shares his pearls of wisdom to students seeking advice

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Coffee and Comedy Fuel SIPA’s Stand Out Academian

TMP interviews Eman­uele Gerratana, the charismatic professor of SIPA’s “sixty-four hundred” economics class.

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Juggling Wet Diapers and Hefty Textbooks

SIPA Student Parents Take Baby Steps in Multitasking and Management

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